Have you joined Alison in the saddle yet? Her Rhythm classes will have you pushing your limits and catching that beat in an addictive and endorphin boosting cycle class.

We caught up with Alison to find out what Cycle means to her and how she got into becoming an epic instructor.


What are your three fun facts about you?

1. I can still fit into kids shoes.

2. I can’t function without coffee in the morning.

3. I can learn a TikTok dance in a matter of minutes.


How did you get into cycle?

I first got into Cycle back in 2015 when I saw a friend of mine doing a dance routine to Rita Ora on a spin bike! I’d never seen anything like it before, the video went viral and I was completely obsessed. I got in contact with her and immediately went to her classes having never stepped into a cycle studio in my life. It felt like a combination of my passion for moving, music, fitness and being creative was wrapped into one amazing feeling and my infatuation with cycle began. As if fate would have it, she was looking for enthusiastic riders who were keen to make a career teaching in a brand new start-up company called  ‘Another Space’. I jumped at the chance and from that moment onwards, I’ve been on an amazing journey and I’m excited to now be part of the Digme Team!


Who inspires you?

To be honest, lots of people inspire me in different ways. Without sounding cheesy, my mum! She is the most incredible person I know. There is a lot of hard working women in the dance & fitness industry who really inspire me to work hard too. Parris Gobel is amazing and one of my favourite creatives. 


What advice would you give to anyone starting their fitness journey?

Definitely don’t compare yourself to anyone else! Discover ways of moving your body that feels right for you. Until you find what you enjoy the most, it’s not one size fits all. There is so many different ways to keep fit and feel good, so make sure you find something you enjoy doing, giving you the rush of endorphins and sense of achievement. 


What are your favourite tracks?

I have way too many to pick a favourite track and they tend to change depending on my mood. I have a very wide range of music taste, however my favourite music genre is hip hop and RnB. When I’m teaching Rhythm, I love to use the music to take riders on a journey from the moment they walk in until the big finale. The music creates the tone when riding, allowing people to feel like they have the space and a sense of freedom to release anything out of their mind and body. Tracks to help them into the zone sometimes with less lyrics, big heavy base tracks for riders to really go for it when beat drops and have that euphoric rush and ultimate push. Then also those care free moments where everyone might even be mouthing the words to an absolute classic which could take you back to the time and place you heard it. So for me I can’t choose one I have to go with what feels right when prepping my playlists. 


What does Cycle mean to you?

Being a Rhythm instructor is so important to me - I use my physical being to help with my mindset. And I love that I can share that with other people. I have always been a very head strong, determined person and sometimes too hard on myself. I feel that cycle has allowed me free up my mind when I’m riding and honestly makes me feel like I can take on any challenge. I love that it’s a great way to keep fit for such a wide range age, gender, ability, height, shape, size which brings the element of community into the classes. For me it’s not about burning calories it’s about feeling strong, focused and fearless. 


What’s your style of teaching?

People coming to my classes should expect a welcoming high energy pocket rocket that will give you 100% every time. My style of teaching is very motivational and technical. 


How would you describe yourself in three words?

Ambitious, resilient and sociable. 



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Lorna Elliott