We recently welcomed the Normatec compression boots to our recovery family in Moorgate. The boots are the perfect tool to aid recovery. You will often see elite athletes using them the day after competitive action - if it's good enough for the elite, it's good enough for us!


Below are 5 benefits of using the Normatec recovery boots:

1. Decrease inflammation and muscle tension

There has been a lot of research on inflammation in recent years and there is a direct link with performance and health complications. The compression boots can help to reduce inflammation and muscle tension.

2. Decrease recovery time

When you reduce inflammation, you can help the overall recovery time for your muscles. Quite simply, the better the recovery, the better you will be able to consistently train - giving you more time doing what you love!

3. Increase range of motion and flexibility

Decrease in recovery time leads to an increase in your range of motion and general movement quality. Better recovery can lead to better mobility. our mobility is crucial, especially as we start to get older.  It's important to also recognise that we should actively work at our mobility/flexibility - our Yoga classes are perfect to do just this.

4. Reduce swelling and water accumulation

Swelling can be inevitable after injury or perhaps after physically working really hard- that's one of the reasons why thinking about how you recover is important.

After a taxing class, the first thought should always be recovery - there is lots you can do around the class and Normatec are a brilliant tool to aid this. The massage techniques developed by Laura F. Jacobs are based on natural physiology and bring the benefits of expert sports massages and cold compression to your recovery.

5. Normatec boots increase circulation

Using the Normatec recovery boots will give you a host of great benefits, increasing the quality of your recovery. We must reiterate that you should use the boots as a way of building on top of a good base recovery regime. Good sleep, diet and managing exercise quality are crucial.

You will find our Normatec recovery boots in our Moorgate studio - the chairs also offer the perfect Wifi spot so why not recover whilst you get some work done!


Ben Davie
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