This week sees us relaunch our Combat HIIT concept. The relaunch brings a fresh approach to the program and below our Head of Combat HIIT Nathan outlines all of the key information...

What is Combat HIIT?

Combat HIIT is the combination of strength and endurance training alongside the fundamentals of kickboxing. It’s the ultimate workout giving you time and space to unleash pent-up energy, clear the mind and leave feeling like a champion.

Taught by our experienced instructors, all classes are at our flagship Combat HIIT studio in Bank, which is fully equipped with full sized Fairtex bags, weights and TRX’s. Each class last 45 minutes and incorporates a full body workout over 8x3 minute rounds on both the bag and on the floor.

What’s Changing?


We have reimagined the concept and are introducing two new formats, Power and Endurance!

1. Power


This is a full body workout focused on compound movements where we lift heavier (subjectively of course!), and build more intense combinations.


With 4 straight rounds on the floor or bag before transitioning to the other, fewer changeovers gives you more time to work on power and technique when on the bag and to focus more on technique when lifting whilst giving our first class coaches the opportunity to teach you more


2. Endurance

In this class we condition like a Combat athlete, building stamina and explosiveness, but also challenging your mental toughness as you work at an unrelenting tempo.


This format will have you transitioning after your 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th round, in a class that ramps up the intensity as you progress through the rounds! The objective of this class is to keep you moving and seeing how much you can push yourself!


To work out at a higher intensity and encourage better quality of movement, we have increased the number of rounds in each class. We’ve also changed up the frequency and transition times between the floor and bag, so you can recoup, get your gloves on, or weights in hand and take on board any coaching tips from our instructors!

Lastly, we’ve extended The Dig (finishing round) by 1 a minute, because everyone loves to Dig Deep!

Why Should I Try It?

Not only do you get a phenomenal workout in its own right, but you also get to learn a new skill – authentic kickboxing techniques in a boutique studio! Combat HIIT also complements our other concepts, building on the endurance you get from Spin and the mobility you create in Yoga. We have some of the best instructors that will steer you through your class and we’ve built a great, inclusive community that is welcoming to beginners so come and try it! If you’re still not sure, can you name a better stress release than hitting a bag.

We hope to see you soon in the Energy Lab!

Ben Davie
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