It seems like we’re getting better at sticking to our New Year’s resolutions, but only by one day - Strava has revealed January 19 as the day people are most likely to abandon their New Year’s fitness resolutions. And January 19 is fast approaching! 

So we've bought back #DigmeGoals  to help you set real, achievable goals for 2020 and beyond – because at Digme, resolutions are not just for January.

#DigmeGoals is your chance to tell us what you're goals are so that we can work together help you achieve them. It's easy, visit a studio, write your goal down, take a photo and share it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using #DigmeGoals

Goals are also personal to each person - they can be anything from small changes or new habits, to big, life-changing achievements and everything in between. From 5ks to completing an Ironman or earning a new Digme badge. We recognise that everyone's goals are different. 


Here’s our top tips for setting and achieving goals:



“Keep them positive. Goals should make you feel good and excited for a new challenge. So think about things that you love, things that make you feel good and work these into your goals.”

Caoimhe, Digme Founder



"For me goal setting has to be realistic.If you do not set an achievable goal it’s just not worth it. In my classes I always tell members “ the biggest challenge is you and not the person next to you” everyone is at a different journey, not only in fitness but in life.  

Remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day & and a baby didn’t start walking when it was first born” 

Darren, Digme Ride & Matrix instructor



"Plan ahead. I’ve recently downloaded the Digme app and it’s changed my life – it’s so much easier to book classes and plan my weeks in advance. I book them all in on a Sunday evening and then I plan my social life around it."

Rebecca, Digme Head of Sales



"Be accountable. Why not share your goal on Instagram using #DigmeGoals to give yourself extra motivation? We’re inspired daily by our members and the stories that they share with us. And have noticed an increase already in those sharing their 2020 goals, intentions and plans. Did you know that you’re also 65% more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down and make yourself accountable?”

Lorna, Digme Marketing & Events Manager



"Make them measurable. Give yourself realistic deadlines – think about when you want to start, the steps that you’ll need to take and how you’ll know if your succeeding.”

Geoff, Digme CEO