To celebrate International Women's day, we caught up with a number of Women within Digme...
Here, we catch up with our Master Trainer Ban...
1: Tell us a bit more about your role at Digme
I'm a Master Trainer and I teach ride across several studios (Currently Richmond, Covent Garden and Moorgate). Part of my role involves working directly with instructors to support their training, learning and development and indentifying and training new talent. 
2: What gives you the most job satisfaction?
1. Watching instructors develop and grow. 2. Watching a client's mindset and attitude toward exercise shift from something they feel they 'have to do' to something they're privileged that they 'get to do'. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing clients who have previously hated or dreaded exercise now enjoy it. 
3: What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?
Still alive and kicking and working in the fitness industry 7 years later! I am now combining 2 passions (physical and mental health) by working towards my qualification as a Psychotherapist. I am half way through my MA and currently working for the NHS as a trainee psychotherapist. 
4: What were your ambitions growing up and did you see any barriers of getting where you wanted to be?
Despite being the least sporty person ever (I absolutely detested PE and didn't enter a gym until I was 21!) I wanted to be a ballet dancer. However, I was also conscious of looking after my mental health and didn't feel that this would be the best route for me. 
5: What has been your experience of living through the pandemic?
I was lucky enough to be able to move the majority of my work online. I was able to use the time to think about what I wanted for the future and I made the decision to apply and start my MA part time alongside working as an instructor and Personal Trainer. 
I missed teaching RIDE in studio but I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to instruct with Digme at Home. 
6:  Our workforce has sadly reduced due to the pandemic. Within your role, talk us through some of the challenges you have faced.
It's always hard having to 'start again' to build a class in new studios and new time slots (Covent Garden and Moorgate). It has been a difficult situation for everyone but the community has been amazing - onwards and upwards! 
Ben Davie
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