Below, we catch up with Digme founder Caoimhe!

1: Tell us a bit more about your role at DigmeA bit of everything - from contract drafting & Board meetings to community celebrations and spinning at Fabric nightclub!The aspects of the role that I love the most are product - especially the excitement of finding a new rockstar instructor - and community celebrations.2: What gives you the most job satisfaction?Changing lives. During the darkest days of lockdown, I had so many wonderful messages from members telling me how Digme was keeping them sane, healthy, connected, happy …. They really touched my heart & kept us motivated and focused through the chaos and uncertainty of those times.3: What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?When the lights dimmed and the intro music played at the opening of the first ever Digme class. I couldn’t actually ride as it was less than a fortnight after I gave birth to Ben, our youngest son! But my eyes filled with tears of joy - we did it! Our little dream was a reality.4: What were your ambitions growing up and did you see any barriers of getting where you wanted to be?I wanted to be a lawyer. I was an idealist when I left school at 17 and truly believed anything is possible if you set your mind to it.I read Law at Trinity in Dublin and then moved to London to attend lawschool and take a training contact with a global law firm. I then worked as a global shipping lawyer. Ships do lots of crazy things like getting arrested, crashing, spilling oil and suchlike so the work was colourful.“Anything is possible” has always stuck with me. To turn a dream into reality, you have to chase after it or it’ll never happen - whether it’s racing an Ironman, leaving a career in law to set up Digme, or setting up Digme at Home the day after we closed our studios for lockdown 1 in the midst of so much uncertainty. If you think too much about it, you'll never do it and it'll just stay in your dreams.5: What has been your experience of living through the pandemic?It’s been exhausting! When we were plunged into lockdown 1, Geoff & I were both working from home and home schooling our two young sons too. It was also incredibly rewarding developing Digme at Home and being able to sweat with the team and our community on a screen during those dark months. I loved playing teacher too, watching the boys learn and grow.Not seeing family was really tough, especially my Mum who lives in Dublin.6: As a leader yourself, what leadership qualities do you feel are most important?Lead by example, work hard, be a good listener.7: Our workforce has sadly reduced due to the pandemic. Within your role, talk us through some of the challenges you have faced.We made it through almost two years of the pandemic without having to lose any people. When omicron struck last winter and London emptied yet again, it was the final straw. We knew we couldn’t cling onto the Digme of old. London is starting to bounce back & we are learning to live with COVID but this new normal is different with many choosing to work from home at least some of the week.We had to make tough choices around which studios to keep. We tried to give as much certainty as we could to the team but the reality was that we didn’t have any certainty ourselves. It’s been hard to keep morale high.8: Describe what its like working for Digme in 3 words.Friends sweat together. 

Ben Davie
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