To celebrate International Women's day, we caught up with a number of Women within Digme....
Here, we catch up with our Richmond Studio Leader, Hannah....

1: Tell us a bit more about your role at Digme

Hi! My name’s Hannah and I’m the Studio Leader of Digme Richmond! I manage the day to day working of the studio from Front of House staff to products, liaise with Head of Concepts on the timetable, analyse the performance of the studio and make sure every member walking through the door has an excellent, memorable experience and comes back for more!

2: What gives you the most job satisfaction?

Knowing we’re a positive part of someone’s day contributing to them feeling happier and watching members overcome challenges/ set backs.

3: What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

Outside of Digme, performing internationally! With Digme, reopening the studio after the pandemic and feeling the buzz of everyone that we were finally back!

4: What were your ambitions growing up and did you see any barriers of getting where you wanted to be?

I always knew I wanted to dance, sing and act from a very young age. The only barrier is the industry itself and how hard it is to get in/recognised but I had a very fortunate upbringing in that my parents selflessly took me to and paid for copious amounts of dance and singing lessons so I feel very lucky that I was able to chase my dream. I do joke though that I have several careers that I’d love to have a go at! I need 9 lives really!

5: What has been your experience of living through the pandemic?

My Dad is a paramedic and unfortunately fell extremely poorly with Covid leaving him in hospital in March 2020. This lasted for quite a while and there was several complications so as you can imagine, it was very scary and anxiety inducing. My sister was also badly affected by the Astrazeneca vaccine so I had 2 years of tragedy due to family health as a result of Covid. That being said, I’ve never been more grateful for the little things, health and family & friends. I really will walk away from this time period feeling appreciative for what I have rather than what I don’t have.

6: As a leader yourself, what leadership qualities do you feel are most important?

Communication, empathy, resilience and positivity! A smile also goes a long way...

7: Our workforce has sadly reduced due to the pandemic. Within your role, talk us through some of the challenges you have faced.
It’s always hard when an instructor or member of Front of House catch Covid as alot of things have to be rearranged so this is always a challenge and requires everyone else to step in.
Seeing the studio go from full classes to minimal numbers was hard as we were so used to seeing alot of friendly people everyday. Having to always be 2 steps ahead with everything! Whether it be anticipating lower numbers because of a new variant or ordering new products but things taking longer to arrive due to a reduced workforce, it all takes alot more planning and preparation.

Shutting the studio due to Covid (Omicron etc) and seeing the disappointment in everyone.

8: Describe what its like working for Digme in 3 words.

Community, rewarding and fun!

Ben Davie
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