1: Tell us a bit more about your role at Digme.
I am the customer service administrator and so far, so good. Have been dealing with a few members' requests such as ordering delivery and collection of bikes, updating credits in the back end, chasing payments, etc. I am a bit OCD so it makes me happy to tidy up and keep things in order.
2: What gives you the most job satisfaction?
Helping members in timely manner and accurately. If the member is happy, I will be happy too.
3: What is your proudest moment?
My proudest moment is being here, right now, at Digme. I believe in the product and share the company's values. I am looking forward to enjoying working with the team and 'sweating' together at a spin class.
4: What were your ambitions growing up and did you see any barriers of getting where you wanted to be?
​I dreamt of moving abroad and live in England as it is the love of my life. I love this country so yes, I am exactly where I wanted to be since I was a kid.
5: What has been your experience of living through the pandemic?
​I did not enjoy it at all. I am a people's person and in need to be out and about. It was tough and I am glad it has ended. As I am on the flight path, the only thing I enjoyed was hearing the birds in the morning instead of planes.
8: Describe what its like working for Digme in 3 words.
Energetic, with lots of adrenaline and fun.
Ben Davie
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