We caught up with Combat HIIT instructor Kereim for a quick Q and A. Read more below!
Kereim, talk us through 3 tips for success in your classes...

1. Leave any stress and worries at the door come or let it all out on the bags!! 

2. Ask me any questions you like, if you need me to demonstrate 100s times, I will!

3. If In doubt 2 step it out!! 

What can members expect from your classes? 

Fun intricate combos, complex floor work banging tunes and your very own hype man

What do you love about teaching at Digme?

The willingness that the members have to learn new things and just going for it no matter what I throw at them, which in return allows me to be super creative with my class plans!

Who inspires you? 

My mum is my greatest inspiration. She faced a lot of adversity in her life, and had to raise three children as a single mother. She worked extremely hard to provide for us, but I rarely saw her complain about her fate. What I really admire is her enthusiasm for life, and an ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions. I cannot thank her enough for everything. Maybe, by following her example in both my personal and professional life, I can pay back what she did for me. At least that’s what I aspire to.

Where can our members find you teaching?

Monday’s 6pm Bank 

Find out more about Kereim and book a class with Kereim here!



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