We caught up with Combat HIIT instructor Sammie for a quick fire Q and A. Read more below!

Sammie, talk us through 3 tips for success in your classes...

1. Come with an open mind!

2. Come ready to loosen up and have fun!

3. Come ready to sweat!

What can members expect from your classes?

Members can expect to push boundaries, escape there comfort zone. But most importantly enjoy the process - my mantra is to train for life rather than just asthetically.

What do you love about teaching Combat HIIT at Digme?

Love the community, from members to staff and how people show always show up, no matter what has gone on or is going on in there outside world.

I love encouraging members to overcome mental barriers, putting mind over matter and pushing through those challenges. 

Who inspires you?

David Goggins. I am absolutely obsessed with him. I think his ethos and mentality of how he not only trains the body but mind to is so powerful. His book is a game changer.

Where can our members find you teaching?

You can find me teaching Tuesday lunches - 12.15 in Bank!

Check out Sammie's Spotify playlists and book a class with Sammie here!