We caught up with Combat HIIT instructor Seb for a quick fire Q and A. Read more below!

Seb, talk us through 3 tips for success in your classes...

- Take your time, focus on technique 
- Leave your ego at the door 
- Have fun, train for yourself not others 
What can members expect? 
- Expert attention to detail on technique 
- Authentic kickboxing/Muay Thai combinations 
- Music to make your ears jiggle 
What do I love about teaching at Digme?
- the members 
- the staff 
- the shakes 
Who inspires me?
- everyone
Where can our members find you teaching? 
- Combat HIIT at Digme Bank Wednesdays 7:30am & Thursdays 12:15pm
3 fun facts about Seb:
- I am blind in my Right eye! 
- I’ve fought in the most devastating martial art in the world, Muay Thai, in Thailand 
- I’ve toured the world playing Macbeth and various other roles in Shakespeare’s plays 
Check out Seb's Digme bio here!