When he's not working at the Digme Front of House desk to welcome you to our fantastic studios, Nate can sometimes be found in secondary schools – leading workshops with young boys on how to manage their mental health.

So, for World Mental Health Day 2020, we caught up with Nate to find out his five top tips for maintaining your mental well-being:


1. Know that your mental health is as important as your physical health

In the same way that we look wouldn’t ignore poor physical health (particularly during this pandemic), don’t ignore poor mental health. If you broke your leg, you would go straight to the hospital and get it treated; so its important that we start to recognise when similar problems occur with our mind and our feelings. It won’t always be a crisis - but should always be attended to. On the subject of physical health…


2. Exercise

At Digme! Every single day! Jokes aside, exercise can help with sleep, energy levels, self-esteem and cognitive function - all of which have a bearing on your mental health. Exercise releases endorphins, which boost your mood and serves as a healthier form of escapism. It doesn’t all have to be in a Cycle or HIIT studio either - just going for a run or walk can alleviate stress and provide perspective.


3. Socialise and check in with others

Whilst there are obvious restrictions on this at the moment, meeting or even just chatting with people you know (or don’t know) can be a great way to inject some positivity into your day. Social activities can be difficult for a lot of people, and if you’re not in the mood to leave the house and see others, that’s OK, but even when feeling this way it could be worth dropping someone you haven’t seen in a while a message to check in. The person you contact may be feeling the opposite - alone, but actually wanting to get in touch with someone, in which case you might make their day! It’s often said that simply ‘talking to others’ can help - and whilst simplistic, it’s often true. 


4. Identify and be aware of your three circles

In schools, I talk about what I call ‘three circles of help’ when you’re feeling down.

1) Yourself. There are things you can do to help yourself in any given moment.

2) Someone you know. A family member, a friend or even a trusted colleague who you know speaking to would help.

3) Professional services. Whether its NHS counselling, a free helpline like Samaritans or a private mental health professional - there are numerous resources and trained professionals out there who are equipped with the skills to help.

The first is obvious, but identify what you think the best options are for your 2 and 3, should you ever be struggling.


5. Treat yourself

‘Me time’ is VITAL. Whatever gives you joy in life, whatever makes you smile, whatever you know can soothe and calm you - do it. If my mental health is particularly poor one day, I do simply ask myself ‘what will actually make me feel better right now?’, ‘what do I really want to do right now?’ I’ll then do it. Make sure you find moments for yourself. Treat yourself this World Mental Health Day.


Looking forward to seeing you soon!