Goi Cuon: fresh rice paper summer rolls

Our friends at Pho have shared the recipe to their delicious Summer rolls and we love to make them for ourselves. 

They are the perfect healthy snack, ideal for starters, lunchboxes or canapes at a party.



-       Cooked, sliced chicken breast, prawns, or tofu

-       22 cm rice papers (you can find these in most supermarkets and Asian grocers)

-       Cooked thin vermicelli / rice noodles

-       Pickled veg (we use mooli (similar to a radish) and carrots –  see also quick pickling recipe which we will do first)

-       Fresh mint

-       Fresh coriander

-       Little gem lettuce

-       Any other crunchy veg you like, such as sliced peppers or shredded cabbage

-       Medium bowl of warm water




1.     Prepare a clean, damp small towel or tea towel placed on top of a chopping board, to roll on

2.     Dip one rice paper in warm water for about 20 seconds to soften

3.     Lay the rice paper flat on the towel

4.     Lay the chicken, prawn or tofu across the width of the paper on the bottom third, leaving room on either end so you can fold in

5.     Add in the herbs, lettuce, and other ingredients

6.     Roll up, rolling away from you

7.     Store chilled under a damp, clean towel

8.     Slice in two, serve with dipping sauce (chilli oil, soy sauce with fresh ginger grated in, or an at home nuoc cham) and enjoy!




Tip: how to make quick pickled veg:

1.     Chop your veggies – slice them nice and thin so they pickle fast and will fit in to the summer rolls nicely

2.     Mix 100ml warm water, 100ml white vinegar, 1 teaspoon salt & 1 teaspoon sugar in a pan and bring to the boil – then transfer to a mixing bowl

3.     Transfer your chopped veggies into the hot mixture, cover and leave them until they come to room temperature, then store in the fridge (and eat within a few days)