Cycling and spinning are brilliant for fitness and are low impact so the chances of injury are low compared with other forms of exercise.

However, if you do it a lot, you need to make sure you give some TLC to the hips, glutes and quads to counteract any tightness.

Elodie Frati is an instructor at the mega-popular Yogahaven in Richmond and has shared with us these four simple stretches to keep you in tip-top shape on the bike.

If you can, hold each pose for about 20 seconds, focusing on taking deep breaths and relaxing everything. Repeat each one twice, and if you can do this three to four times a week, you’ll quickly notice a big difference in your flexibility.

Downward Dog

This is great for lengthening the hamstrings and the calves, and brilliant for opening the chest and counter balancing the forward position on the bike. It also builds strength and stability in your arms, shoulders and legs.

Pigeon Pose

This one is really good for stretching out the hips and the glutes. Try to elongate your spine and focus on maintaining equal weight in both hips.


Low Lunge (with optional quad stretch)

A wonderful deep stretch for the hip flexors and quad muscles. If it’s too hard to grab the foot at first, start with just a straightforward low lunge and work in the twist when you feel more comfortable.

Reclining Butterfly

A great restorative pose which stretches the inner thighs and the groin. It frees energy flow in your pelvic area and is an amazing stress-reliever. 

Sarah Gwynn
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