The world we live in can often be fast paced - often hopping from the tube, to work, to meetings and so on! This can leave us in a state of 'fight or flight' as we navigate our busy schedules... This is where our Yoga classes come into play!


Below, our Yoga teacher Lucy talks through 3 tips to get the very most out of your Yoga practices:

1. Arrive nice and early to get yourself settled in the studio. Your teacher will be waiting to say hello and check in with you before class - this is the perfect opportunity to share any injuries so that they know to offer alternative postures.

2. Create an environment where your distractions are limited. Leave all technology safely locked away, so that you can give yourself all the attention that you deserve.

3. Stay for savasana! When you’re short on time, we know it can be tempting to sneak off before the final relaxation, but it’s arguably the most important posture you’ll do in class. The stillness of Savasana allows us to digest and assimilate all of the information that the active practice has put into the body. It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and moves us into a state of complete rest - bliss!

See you on the mat yogis!


Lucy teaches in the Island in both our Bank and Covent Garden studios. Check out Lucy's bio and class schedule here