Designed to challenge, motivate and push your limits Sweat Week has become synonymous with Digme.

For those of you who don’t know, the original Sweat Week is a seven-day challenge during which you complete seven Digme classes in seven consecutive days. 

But we've upped the stakes since launching Digme at Home in 2020 by introducing Sweat Week+ - a 14 day virtual challenge to complete 14 Digme at Home classes consecutively.


Sound tough? Absolutely! 


We caught up with long standing, Digme member Alice Chen to find our more about her own journey with Sweat Week and how she's found Sweat Week+ [from home] different.


Hey Alice! Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey with Digme so far...

So I’m born and raised in Richmond. 

I've always loved spinning and when I found out that there was a new spin studio opening up I HAD to go and check it out, there was nothing like this in Richmond - the first studio dedicated just to spin with the latest technology? Yes please. And I have to say added bonus I loved the Dyson hairdryer and hair straightener!


Having recently moved to Wiltshire, I found it a real struggle at first as I missed my friends and my gym life but belive it or not, lockdown has actually bought me closer to my way of life back at Richmond, reconnecting with friends via Zoom but more importantly connecting back to the Digme community with Digme at Home

Digme at Home has been amazing! My best investment has to be purchasing the Digme Keiser Bike  (I think the hubby is happy too as it means he gets a couple of hours alone time without me nagging him 24/7!) so that I can carry on spinning from home.

I also spend alot of time travelling to and from Taiwan to visit my mother and am soo grateful that I can continue to do the classes whilst I'm there. It provides me with a huge stress relief - my mother has dementia which can be hard work but after a class I automatically feel much better and happier. 


What does Sweat Week mean to you?

Who doesn't love to challenge themselves? Plus, I am trying to beat Drogan (which is a challenge in itself) I think he’ll complete it within 2 days.


How is Sweat Week+ different at home to in the studio?

I miss the high fives and energy from the studio and instructors in real life, but also feel so grateful for the power of technology and being able to keep connected and sweating it out together virtually. I always recognise faces when I login to the classes which makes me feel at home instantly.


Do you mix up your workout routine during Sweat Week?
Most definitely. I booked in to do my first Unwind class this week with Lucy and enjoyed it so much that I booked in to do another class the next day, I can see this is going to be a regular feature from now on for me.

Have you tried a Breathwork or Wake Up Walk class?
My Sweat Week+ included Breathwork with Georgie. I’ve only recently discovered Breathwork through Digme and it has become a big part of my routine.


Did you invite a friend to join you (all members were given 14 free buddy passes this Sweak Week+) ?
Unfortunately not. I have made so many friends through Digme though, so there’s always someone I know on the screen! It’s always fun to ride with friends virtually as well as my hubby when I was in Taiwan last year.


Will you be taking on the next Sweat Week?

Absolutely! I love it!



If you missed our Sweat Week+ this time, keep your eyes peeled as it'll be back later this year. 


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