Have you been joining our epic Rhythm classes? If not, you're seriously missing out on the ultimate indoor-phin boosting feel-good workout around! If you've already got a bike, you're all set to join us in the saddle (plus if you're brand new to Digme you can sign up to our 30 day free trial), if not, you can  rent or buy a Digme bike from just £69/month. 

Our Rhythm instructors are the best in the business - meet the crew before you saddle up, zone out and feel the rhythm.


Our Co-Head of Rhythm, Ciarán will bring the energy to all of his classes. Whether you need focus first thing in the morning or you need to shake off the day, Ciarán promises to provide a space in which you can ride, workout and create the energy you need at that exact moment. From his background as a professional dancer for 15 years and his infectious charisma he will encourage, guide and push you to your limits. When the door shuts you will forget about what’s going on outside and just focus on you and empowering you for the next 45 minutes. Prepare yourself for the challenge and come get your sweat on the bike with Ciarán. Live your best life every moment, everyday. Book now with Ciaran


Our Co-Head of Rhythm, Rachele will give you that moment and opportunity to lose yourself in your ride. She combines power, strength and passion into her Rhythm classes to bring you the ultimate Rhythm experience. Her music choice will take you on a journey to discover how music can enhance our physical and mental state, allowing you to progress your ride to the next level, every single time! Rachele holds an inclusive space for her riders, a space of trust, freedom and community - ‘We are all in this together!’ Book now with Rachele


Louise’s classes will leave you feeling energised and full of life! Her classes may be incredibly fun, but do not be fooled. You will be pushed to your maximum potential each and every time. When she’s not on the bike you’ll catch Louise dancing for some of your favourite artists such as Dua Lipa, Take That, Rita Ora and more. Book now with Louise


Don’t be fooled by her sweet aesthetic, get ready to work as Sophie brings you 45 minutes of sweat and sass. With a professional background in ballet and theatre, Sophie’s passion for movement knows no bounds. Lock in and prepare to be harnessed with motivation whilst you ride to some of the best feel-good tracks of our time. Book now with Sophie Maggie