Ciaràn & Rachele have recently stepped into their new roles of co- heads of Rhythm at Digme. With both instructors coming from similar backgrounds within the entertainment and dance industries, they have rhythm running through their veins and want to give everyone the opportunity to experience how music can inspire you to move, let go, and find your freedom both physically and mentally. They have been working alongside each other for 3 years and are now joint at the hip. They are very excited for the future of Rhythm with Digme and the elite team of instructors they have around them.


Ciaran started first started his fitness journey with another Boutique Fitness Studio in central London over 4 years ago and then joined the Cycle team at Another_Space 3 years ago. Continuing with the team under the new management of Digme, Ciaran was thrilled to join a new fitness family and help create our Rhythm concept.


Rachele’s fitness journey started almost 5 years ago becoming one of the first Cycle instructors hired at Another_Space. Rachele is thrilled to be part of the Digme management team and help create our Rhythm concept. Rachele is also a Nike Ambassador, and has a qualification as a Personal Trainer and certified Nutrition coach, as well as coaching HIIT and Strength in London and Surrey.


So “What is Rhythm?”

Rhythm is all about letting the music take control. Get ready to immerse yourself in the energy of the room and catch that beat. The bike, the rhythm and the instructor will push you to your limits in the most addictive and endorphin boosting workout around, so saddle up, zone out and feel the Rhythm.


Our Rhythm Team:

We are very excited and feel so lucky to have such an incredibly talented team around us. We love to celebrate each of our instructors individual personalities. There is such a colourful choice of brilliant classes within the Rhythm concept, all under the same journey but each class will bring a brilliant bespoke playlist designed by each individual instructor. So whether you like a super strong double rhythm, a challenging jog, or some sassy choreography in a single rhythm, it's all there for you.


What is the Journey?

45 minutes of cycle, designed to provide a full and well rounded workout. This class is filled with challenges all designed around the rhythm of the music and will sure to make you sweat!


The Language:

We have 3 rhythm speeds that's all you will ever need to know about 

  • Single Rhythm 
  • Jog Rhythm 
  • Double Rhythm 


The Benefits:

  • Inclusive to all abilities and levels, even if you don’t have a natural rhythm.
  • Explores different heart rate zones, to improve overall fitness.
  • Atmospheric physical and mental release.
  • Use of upper body to get full body experience on the bike,
  • Build confidence, 
  • Friendly and welcoming community. 
  • Leave feeling the very best version of youself.

Our Community:

Digme has a huge sense of community and we want this to continue, grow and develop our own rhythm community. The power of riding as one, and being part of a family is something we love about our classes and Digme values.


Join Rachele & Ciaràn at their classes in our studios and on Digme at Home:


Rachele Weekly Timetable

Rachele - Instructor at Digme Fitness


Ciaràn Weekly Timetable 

Ciaran - Instructor at Digme Fitness


"For me, the best thing about a rhythm class is the way that riding to the beat of the music distracts me from how tired my body might be! I can even find the double beat up a hill when the tunes are right! With Digme over lockdown I have managed to ride to the rhythm of 90’s classics, pop divas and musical theatre - how awesome is that?!" -  Miriam Everitt 


"Rhythm to me is all about the team spirit, the encouragement, the instructors, physical improvement and mental growth. It is more than just a cycle class, it is a release from all the stresses of the day where in those 30/45 mins nothing matters except having some fun and surviving the workout even though my body is telling me otherwise, but more than all of that, rhythm is about the Digme family, and my fitness journey wouldn’t have taken the path it had especially these past few months if it wasn’t for them makIng me feel welcome at every class." - Karly Sorrin 


"Have you ever been to a concert where you've lost yourself in the music and the positive energy created by the crowd around you? The euphoria. Taking a Rhythm class feels exactly like that to me. The only difference is, I'm on a bike and I sweat a bit more!" - Tan

Ciaran Connolly