We know that when you find the best teachers, your yoga flow is so much more than just a workout..!

Meet the yoga teachers who you need to practice with at Covent Garden…


Daisy Tait

Daisy started to practice about 5 years ago as a way to help recovery from a dance injury. And what started as rehab turned into a passion; “Yoga has very quickly become the centre my universe revolves around and the best form of therapy I have tried!”.

Her classes are dynamic with a focus on building strength and flexibility in equal measures, ensuring that her students focus on breathing.

Advice: Trust the process, the best part is in the journey – not the destination.

Favourite pose: king pigeon

Fun fact: she is also a qualified massage therapist


Sameenah ( Sam) Vora

Yoga for Sam is all about connection - with herself and with others. “I always feel my most radiant when I’ve taken time for me which allows me to always pour from a full cup!”

Expect her classes to be empowering and dynamic yet soothing for the soul.

Advice: Be patient, present and compassionate - the magic is in the journey!

Favourite pose: Compass Pose 


Tay (Harriet)

Tay started practising yoga at the age of 17, after being diagnosed with Arthritis and has found freedom in her practice. “Yoga is so much more than the splits! It’s like a set of guidelines to help you keep you grounded when times are tough, have humility in times of rejoice and help you heal in times of loss. Yoga is the best councillor I’ve been too! “

Her classes are fun and playful but strong and creative.

Fun fact: She is obsessed with Sourdough bread baking.

Advice:  Be patient, be committed to the process and let go of the result. 

Favourite pose: Goddess/horse stance!



Mia started her yoga journey at university. She signed up to a 30-day pass at the local yoga studio and never looked back! You can find her teaching Power or Vinyasa but likes to mix up the styles she practices depending on her mood and day ; “Try different styles of yoga like vinyasa, power and restorative yin yoga, so you have a style that feels right on any given day.”


Fun Fact: She is black belt in Taekwon-Do martial arts!

Favourite pose: Handstand (mainly because I've worked really hard to crack it and because it's a wonderful way of waking me up!)



Please join us in giving them a big warm Digme welcome…

1. Look out for them on the timetable

2. Book a mat in their class

3. Give them a lot of love



See you soon,



Sarah Grogan