Have you heard the latest news from Digme at Home? If not, don’t worry, keep reading and you’ll find out! We caught up with Dan, Digme’s Digital Fitness Director, to hear all about the brand new App!


So Dan, for those of us who haven't downloaded the Digme at Home app yet, what are we missing out on?

In just a couple of clicks, access an outstanding and seamless fitness experience where you can book and join all your favourite Live Digme At Home classes, get real time Power, Speed and Distance stats which are then saved to your Digme profile, and tuen in to our incredible On Demand video library!

It's available now on the App Store, so what are you waiting for?!

Download iPhone app

Download iPad app


How can I get the app?

If you've got an iPhone or an iPad, you're in luck and can download the Digme at Home app now! If you've got an Android, join us on the website for you - you'll be able to jump in on the action via the app later this year. 


How do I link my Keiser bike to the App?

Before joining a Live or On Demand class, a prompt will appear asking you if you'd like to connect your Keiser M3i bike with the App. Once you press ‘connect’, you're all set and the screen will automatically take you to your chosen Cycle class.

When you've finished your workout, make sure you click the ‘LEAVE’ button in the top left corner (rather than just exiting the App) so that your your Cycle stats are saved to your profile.


What are those numbers all about on the right-hand side of a Live or On Demand Cycle class?

One of the most exciting features of the App is that it connects seamlessly to your Keiser bike and displays your Cycle stats, just like in a Digme studio.

CADENCE = The speed your legs are moving, revolutions per minute (RPM)


            - Current: The live power you are pushing through the pedals

            - FTP%: The percentage of your functional threshold power (more details below)

            - Ave: The average amount of power you are producing during the session.

            - Max: The maximum amount of power you have produced so far in the session.

DISTANCE = How far have you travelled in the session.


What is FTP and why does the colour change as I ride?

FTP means Functional Threshold Power, which is the amount of power you can sustain on average over a 60 minute period.

If you have been to lots of our Perform classes before and know your FTP, you can adjust it under 'Profile'. If you don't know what this number is (don’t worry, many people don’t), we have set everyone's to 150. To find out what your FTP is, you will soon be able to take our 20min FTP test as one of our On Demand videos.

So what do the colours mean on the screen? The colours show what training zone you are working in and may be referred to in one of our Perform classes. 

1. Grey Zone (<55%) Recovery – RPE 1-2, easy spinning.

2. Blue Zone (56-75%) Endurance – RPE 2-4, all day pace.

3. Green Zone (76-90%) Tempo – RPE 5-6, it’s ok, but I don’t want to be here all day!

4. Yellow Zone (91-105%) Threshold – RPE 7-8, Now I feel it.

5. Orange Zone (106-120%) VO2 – RPE 8, starting to crack.

6. Red Zone (121-150%) Anaerobic Capacity) – RPE 9, my goodness, make it stop. 

7. Deep Red (151%>) Neuromuscular Power – RPE 10, go big – hardest effort.


How do I rate a class in the App?

When you head to the History tab, you'll see all the Live classes you've joined. You'll be able to rate your class experience by selecting a class and the number of stars you'd like to give. We love seeing those stars!


Can I link the App to Strava?

Yes you can! Take a look at our previous blog on linking your account to Strava.


How can I protect my privacy in a Live class?

Before you join a Live class, you will be prompted to join the class with or without video. You can also remove or change your name via the profile tab, under change display name.


Will there be more features coming?

YES, 100%. This is the first version of the App and the team are working hard behind the scenes to bring you a truly unique and exciting fitness experience. Watch this space – there are lots of new exciting features coming soon.


So what are you waiting for? Get downloading and we'll see you online. We are so excited and hope you enjoy it… this is just the beginning!

Download Digme at Home iPhone app

Download Digme at Home iPad app

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