Tis the season of giving!

Wondering what to get your loved ones, friends or family this Christmas? We have got you covered with our ULTIMATE Digme Gift Guide.


For the fitness fanatics...

1. We recommend La Pochette's Sweat Bags! Anti-bacterial, water-resistant - it's the perfect bag for storing your workout gear. Plus, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles! It's a stylish, modern take on the traditional gym bag. Purchase yours here. 

2. Monkey Sox are the way to go! Quality, performance socks that raise awareness for MS in a creative and inspiring way. They're designed to be odd so no pairs are the same!

3. Further your fitness with Innermost Protein Powders. This protein blend was developed for people who regularly push themselves further than most but don't want to let that compromise any other aspect of their lives. Formulated to rehydrate and restore energy, and support muscle growth and repair. 


For the beauty lovers...

1. Space NK is your go to one-stop shop for various beauty brands and they have got you covered with the perfect Christmas giftsets. From Charlotte Tilbury to The Ordinary, you have a whole selection to choose from!

2. Fresh Beauty has got you covered with their range of natural skincare giftsets at different prices. Not to mention, building your own gift sets to suit whatever your skin needs. Lush!


For the dog lovers...

1. Tails is a tailor made subscription based on your dog's nutritional needs and delivered to your door each month. Simply tell them about your dog and their health and they'll create a unique recipe. Made by dog lovers for dogs!


For the foodies...

1. Looking for dairy alternatives? Coconut Collaborative has yummy yoghurts, creams and desserts, all filled with the natural goodness of plants. Why not whip up a festive treat to share with friends or family over the holidays?

2. Finding meal prepping a challenge? Fresh Fitness Food has got you sorted with personalised meal plans tailored to you. Whatever your fitness goal is, from building muscle to general health, we recommend!


Let us know what's on your Christmas wish list below, we'd love to see! Happy Holidays everyone!