Digme family,

Given the rapidly evolving situation with coronavirus (COVID-19), it is with great sadness that we need to temporarily close all Digme and Another_Space studios, effective immediately.

We care too much about our Digme community, our members and our team, to put anyone at risk. We desperately wanted to be able to continue delivering wonderful sessions through the crisis. For many in our community, exercise is their release and escape from the daily stresses. However, as the situation has evolved today, it has become apparent that this is impossible without compromising safety and quality.

At this stressful time, exercise is more important than ever in maintaining mental and physical health and balance, so we hope to see some you out in the fresh air riding your bikes or running round the park. We are working on some home workouts and outdoors exercise groups (maintaining a safe distance, of course

Geoff Bamber
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Geoff is Chief Executive Office of Digme Fitness. He is a former hedge fund manager and keen amateur triathlete. He has completed 10 Ironman triathlon races, including the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.