Kickstart your week with the Wake up Walk - a feel good, live streamed 30 minute guided walk.

We know how hard it can be to motivate yourself to get outside right now - the days are getting darker, colder and shorter but getting your daily dose of Vitamin D is crucial for your mental health. ⁠Our new Wake Up Walk is the perfect way to get outdoors and start the day the right way, which is one of Ben's top tips for keeping on top of his well-being this lockdown (read his other top tips in his latest blog). 

The walk will be guided by inspiration, music and the odd special ‘Walk and Talk’, where guests will join the conversation. 

Come rain or shine, the walk will be on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday - all you need is your headphones, mobile phone, a connection.

Book your spot now and join:
⁠Monday's 8am with @movewithben_
Wednesday's 8am @tamunoemi_pt
Friday's 8am with @movewithben_

We hope to see you there - book now!