As the latest UK lockdown hit, we caught up with our Head of HIIT & Run Ben Davie to find out how he keeps motivated and focussed. Lockdown can be hard for everyone and looking after your mental health is now more important than ever.


Ben has put together his Top 5 Tips to help you keep on top of your well-being during lockdown. 



1. Get outdoors every day

This is something that will be a challenge as the days get shorter, motivation will inevitably drop - particular if there is no ‘reason’ (such as work) to get outdoors). Vitamin D is a vitamin your body produces when exposed to sunlight. So factually getting outdoors is proven to help your well-being. We have you covered with guided Runs and ‘Wake up and Walk’ live stream sessions throughout the week so you can be accountable to get outdoors.


2. Make a morning routine

Personally I really love to get up early. I always feel good for getting up early and this allows me to get some morning rituals in. One thing I would like to do during this lockdown is be a little more mindful. So I am aiming to commit to a morning meditation each day. If I get up early, this allows me time to relax and complete the meditation, no stresses.


3. Set small goals

There is a famous quote from Admiral William H. Mcraven. “Want to change the world, start by making your bed every day”. I love this and really buy into it. If you set mini goals throughout the day, you get a sense of accomplishment with each goal you tick off. These are also known as ‘Non-Scale Victories/ NSV’s. So think making your bed, morning meditation, morning walk, 30 minutes studying. Stuff that is more than do able for you on that particular day.


4. Build positive habits

If you are unhappy with your current routine, lockdown is a good opportunity to work to install new habits. If your body is constantly tight from the ‘Desk Hunch’, why not try regular Yoga over at DAH? Or, if you struggle to switch off at night, Breathwork could be a brilliant addition to your routine to help you to relax.


5. Be kind to yourself

For me this is really important - it’s easy to get into habits of comparing yourself to someone else. Know that this is your own journey and if you find yourself not feeling up to anything, so be it. But with this, if you are feeling low, always remember the power of a good sweat - you are always only 30 minutes away from a different headspace.


I would love to see you soon in one of my Digme at Home classes. Take care and sending big love to you all.


Ben Davie
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