Today we're learning about the different types of Yoga and how our Digme classes can be used in helping you to achieve a healthy lifestyle! Our Yoga Class focus on the wellness of your body with the purpose of helping to build your strength, awareness, and harmony between body and mind.

Most of our sessions generally include meditation, breathing exercises, asanas (poses or postures) that targets joints and allows you to stretch your muscles. Yoga is an amazing tool to stay healthy as it is typically based on the basic principles and simple methods.

Yoga Class Near Me - Beginner Classes

Because there are various types of Yoga practices, there are an endless amount of possibilities for anyone to get started with. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete newbie, a regular practitioner of yoga or a professional athlete. Here at Digme Fitness we understand that size and fitness doesn’t matter.

There are many different modifications in every pose of Yoga, and our incredible instructors here at Digme Fitness say that ‘The idea of Yoga is exploring the limits, and not just focus towards pretzel-like perfection.’ Yoga is an amazing way of synchronising your body with your soul.

Physical Benefits Of Yoga Class Near Me

The relaxation techniques that are incorporated by our Digme Fitness instructors in Yoga can reduce various chronic pain like headaches, arthritis, back pain etc. It's also a great way to reduce blood pressure and insomnia.

Other physical benefits of Yoga include:

 - Increase in muscle strength and body tone

 - Increased flexibility

 - Weight reduction

 - Improved athletic abilities

 - Improved energy, respiration, and vitality

 - Cardio and strength training

 - Balanced metabolism maintenance

 - Injury Prevention


Mental Benefits Of Yoga Class Near Me

Besides the physical benefits of the Yoga Classes here at Digme, we use Yoga to help you to manage stress which can lead to negative effects on both the body as well as the mind. Our Digme experts say that stress is noticeable in many ways, some which includes back and neck pain, headaches, sleeping problems, and the inability to concentrate.

Digme Fitness understands that Yoga can be used effectively in helping you to have a positive outlook on life and your surroundings. Yoga's incorporation of meditation, circulatory health, and its benefits can help in improving a person’s mental and physical well-being.

Performing Yoga on a regular basis can help to create mental clarity, peace, and calmness. It also helps to increase body awareness, centres attention, sharpens concentration and relaxes the mind. The biggest benefit of Yoga can help in the early detection of any major physical or mental health problems and preventing them by taking necessary actions.


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Geoff Bamber
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Geoff is Chief Executive Office of Digme Fitness. He is a former hedge fund manager and keen amateur triathlete. He has completed 10 Ironman triathlon races, including the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.