“The Rides have been so enjoyable – such brilliant instructors with a range of personalities to distract me!”

We've been SO inspired by all of our members the last 12 months. Your determination to #KeepDigging is why we do what we do and we feel truly honoured to have such amazing and loyal members.

One story that caught our eye is Sandra’s 365 day challenge. Since lockdown started in March 2020, Sandra has completed 365 Cycle classes! We caught up with Sandra to hear in her own words, exactly what it was like to complete 365 Cycle classes in 365 days (from home!) …

What inspired you to do the challenge? 

My friend Chris Paul is a huge Digme fan and told me about the Digme at Home spin bike during the initial panic-buying phase of first lockdown. I had, up until that nugget of divine knowledge, been frantically calling every exercise retailer in the vain hopes of securing a spin bike - the promise of my first born child wasn't swinging the deal. Caoimhe and Rebecca went out of their way to get a bike from the Moorgate studio to me, for which my sanity and I will be forever thankful. I enjoyed the classes so much that they became my daily headspace and a part of my routine in lockdown, so it all sort of happened by accident. I didn't even realise I was doing a challenge/streak until it was pointed out to me in November.


What has been a stand out moment for you?

Oh that’s a hard one – there are loads. Rosie aka RoRo aka The Ginger Tornado gave me a huge birthday shout out – I didn't know Digme kept such cute tabs on us all. The 100km Challenge stands out - I was flying solo in lockdown and it was such a positive and healthy way to stay sane and focused.

And Dan's Wonderland Ride was also fabulous!


What has kept you motivated? 

Lockdown munching, being Post-Lockdown(s) Bod Ready...and Chris Paul yelling at me. In seriousness, it's the lovely instructors and the quick chats I'd have with them when I did their sound checks.  Seeing the usual suspects (looking at you Bridget, Ruth, Daniel et al!) in the classes also helped with the quasi-existential dread, particularly in the early days - you can't not show up to a class when you know The Others are going to be there and another face on camera helps garner energy. The accountability cuts both ways.


What has been the hardest part? 

Chris Paul yelling at me – notice the theme yet?


How did you celebrate? 

As always, I celebrated with an over-iced gin and tonic (my usual libation after an evening spin). However, really, it didn’t feel like I’d hit a finish line as it’s just “what I do” now! It’s honestly a dream to be able to enjoy a daily spin that it doesn't even feel like an achievement.


Congratulations again Sandra from all of us at Team Digme. Your story has been so inspirational and uplifting for all of us. Here's to the next year of cycling together!