If you’re looking to maximise your workout time or want to add a bit of variety into your routine, then our new class stacks are for you!  Over the past few months we’ve noticed that more and more of you are trying back-to-back classes on Digme at Home! We love a #DigmeDouble as much as you but to make sure that you’re maximising the potential benefits of class stacking safely we have put together some recommendations below.

Designed to provide you with balance so you can reap the benefits of cross-training and keep injury free, our dynamic duos have been timetabled so that you can seamlessly go from one concept to another. Class stacking has several benefits:

1. Maximises your time

2. Greater sense of achievement

3. Injury prevention – warm up with one class and go hard with the next!

4. More variety and balance – great for if you get bored

5. Cross-Training is the most effective form of training, mix things up and reap the rewards

6. Endurance & strength building – just be sure to pace yourself properly


Find your Perfect Stack

Join us on Digme at Home and find your perfect stack:


06.45 Ride with Dan – 07.30 Strength TB with Kate


07.00 Rhythm with Ciaran – 07.45 Combat HIIT with Lolly


06.45 Ride with Darren – 07.30 HIIT Meta with Kate

17.30 Ride with Ben – 18.20 Stretch & Mobility with Ben (15)

18.30 Perform with Laura – 19.30 Unwind with Claudia


17.55 Stretch & Mobility (Prep) with Kate – 18.30 Strength TB with Kate

18.00 Rhythm with Rachele – 18.45 Unwind with Katie


06.45 Perform with Laura – 07.30 Strength Core with Kate


09.00 Ride with Rosie – 10.00 Power with Sarah (75)

17.00 Ride with Frances – 17.55 Stretch & Mobility with Joe


09.00 Ride with Leone – 10.00 Flow with Claudia (75)

17.30 Rhythm & Recover (30) with Ciaran – 18.00 Yin with Tash


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