Class Duration: 45 Minutes

Our Combat HIIT concept brings a full body, combat workout to our studios. The workout focusses on 3 key components - Speed, Power and Explosiveness. These are built in alongside technical combat drills - such as punching, kicking as well as some other advances utilising our studio bags.

The Combat HIIT workout is the perfect way to hone in and develop new skills, whilst unleashing a bit of aggression - for the ultimate post workout endorphins, helping to boost your mood and feel like a winner afterwards!

Our expert Combat HIIT coaches will provide excellent coaching to allow you to learn new techniques safely and efficiently.


Why Speed, Power and Explosiveness?

When we are looking at Mixed Martial Arts, Speed, Power and Explosiveness are 3 key components that are important to make a well rounded fighter. The most important aspect of the training and our Combat HIIT workouts for MMA is that the programming is specific to combat. By this, we mean that the movements programmed translate well to the movements required in MMA.

All 3 of these training tools not only translate well with MMA Combat, but also other forms of training such as running/cycling. Speed, Power and Explosive movements often utilise our Fast Twitch muscle fibres - which can get neglected within steady state training such as distance running and cycling. So, therefore, utilising our fast twitch muscle fibres will encourage positive adaptations.


The setup:

The workout starts with some technical work within a group warm up - this is led by our coaches and allows you to grasp technique prior to working into the bag.. Following this, we break the rounds up with 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest - on both the bag and conditioning from the floor. The workout culminates with our infamous Dig.


Top tips:

Arrive and be ready 5 minutes before the start time to ensure our coaches can provide you with an introduction. You will also need your own gloves which we have available to buy at the studio, alternatively you can bring your own.


We look forward to seeing you for some Combat soon - book your spot now!

Ben Davie
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