Have you joined Joe for a Combat HIIT workout yet? Expect an explosive session combined with hip hop beats that’ll leave you feeling pumped!

We caught up with Joe to find out what fitness means to him and how he started his journey to becoming an epic instructor.



What are your three fun facts about you?
1. I sailed across the Atlantic with 2 others and I had no experience
2. I’m half Italian so I make a mean pasta/pizza
3. I used to be a professional dancer
How did you get into Combat HIIT?
I have always been into fitness because of being a dancer. I sustained a few injuries through dancing so did my PT courses to work out how to rehab and protect my body for being injured again, how to train correctly and how to fuel it correctly as well. Whilst working in the front of house team at (previously) Another_Space auditions to teach Combat HIIT came about. Now dancers love an audition just to see if they still have it, so I went along and GOT IT! Everyday from then I looked to better my ability as a coach and push everyone to work hard, work correctly but MOST IMPORTANTLY enjoy it! I love teaching in the Combar HIIT team for Digme and seeing those regular sweaty, smiley faces every week!
Who inspires you?
It might sound like I’m dodging the question but nearly everyone inspires me in one way or another. You can learn so must from everyone if you allow it, regardless of age or ability. New ways to view the world, new ways to teach, new ways to train, new way to push myself or others!
But when times are hard and I can’t find it in others, my mum and dad both inspire me. Though apart for most of life each of them worked hard and grafted for me and my brother. They taught me the value of myself as well as others, and always supported me in whatever I chose to do.
What advice would you give to anyone starting their fitness journey?
Find your reason WHY? Doesn’t matter what your why is just find it and remind yourself everyday why you’re doing it. Enjoy the exercise you do, push your boundaries out of your comfort zone for sure but have that one thing you enjoy that you can go back to and use as your base line. Kids always ask why and as we grow up we stop asking...... now ask yourself why, bring it back, because when you find the real reason why, NOTHING WILL STOP YOU!
Failing that working out = guilt free pizza
What are your favourite tracks?
Now this is hard, really depends on the mood. I love old school hip hop and R’n’B most of the time. I like to wake up to acoustic versions/covers of songs. Since learning how to play the guitar over lockdown, I have developed a love/appreciation for rock and jazz music. But if you come to class expect a range of house-hip hop that’ll really get you hyped and excited to train!
What does Combat HIIT mean to you?
Release, focus and sweating....... mainly sweating. I love doing the classes as much as I love teaching them. Any negative emotion can be driven straight into that punching bag for an emotional release. You have to focus, control your energy which gives you a confidence over your body where you learn about yourself and how far you can actually push yourself. In my class, you will sweat, and sweat a lot.
What’s your style of teaching?
Encouraging..... I’d say haha! I show regressions and progressions in my class to allow you to push yourself or bring it back if need be. I want you to be the best you can be, I want you to work hard, and I will get you there! If you trust me and work with me I can help you become the best you can!
How would you describe yourself in three words?
Encouraging, hard working, pizza
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