“Where the mind goes the body will follow”  ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger

Are you up for a challenge?

MATRIX GAMES is the ultimate team-based, functional workout that will challenge both your mental and physical stamina. The GAMES will test your strength, power and endurance as you earn points across each of the core MATRIX principles; Run, Move and Condition. The competitive workouts have been carefully designed to unite the MATRIX community as you work together as one to push yourself to new limits.

What can you expect?

Firstly, lots of fun! The aim of the workout is to test and challenge, but more importantly to encourage teamwork and enjoy yourself. It’s a given that you always push harder in a class environment, so throw some healthy competition and a team-based challenge into the mix and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. 

Secondly, expect all the usual components of a regular MATRIX class. There will be SkillMill work, kettlebells and functional bodyweight movement - there’s nothing unknown and nothing to fear. If you haven’t attended a MATRIX session yet, try to book in before you attend MATRIX GAMES.

Lastly, expect an electric atmosphere and expert coaching. Each of our MATRIX GAMES sessions will be led by two of our instructors, working together to demonstrate, monitor technique and motivate. Bring a friend or two, or fly solo - you don’t already have to be in a team of 3 to attend the session as we’ll help partner you up! The feeling of accomplishment when the lights come down will be second to none. 

Confused? Nervous? Here’s some useful tips as the creator of the upcoming MATRIX GAMES programme. 

  • Pace yourself.

Listen to the instructor’s advice on how to attack each workout. Some will be short, sharp bursts of intensity while others will be longer in duration. Try to push yourself with control and be unfazed by potential difficulties. Use your teammates for support! 

  • Programme your mind. 

The biggest obstacle you will face is overcoming your mental barriers. Remember to breathe, stay calm and keep focused. You’ve got this! 

  • Enjoy yourself. 

Getting fitter or stronger is a process. Remember we all start somewhere and making improvements, however small, is hugely satisfying. Set your intentions, do your best on the day and learn from the experience. You’ll come back stronger and hungry for more! 


Have you booked you spot yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

Book onto a MATRIX GAMES class on the 13th, 15th or 17th August at our Blackfriars, Rathbone Square or Oxford studios HERE!


Hope to see you in one of my classes!