They’re the ones guiding you, encouraging you, motivating you and getting every last bit of energy from you up those damned hills. They’re the best in the business at improving your fitness, so let’s find out a little more about them.

We’ll start with Chloe, our Wednesday/Thursday regular who loves burpees and leg day…

I was born in Spain and lived in Sotogrande for five years until we moved to Ghent in Belgium for another five years, then we moved back to Spain again. So I speak fluent Spanish, Flemish, English and a bit of French.

I moved to London to study, but I didn’t like university and left after a year. Instead, I did a personal training course and I’ve never looked back. I’ve moved back and forth from London over the years and I love it here. Spain is my favourite place to be, but that’s mostly because of the weather. If London had weather like Spain, it would be my favourite location.

I always did loads of sport when I was growing up. I did a lot of gymnastics and I was a very good sprinter. I was actually going to go to a sports school and do athletics, but my mum convinced me not to. She said life would change so much – everything would be controlled, like what I ate and when. It’s also so competitive and I was never going to be the number one. I’ve never regretted not going.

My favourite workout is HIIT circuits and I love to train my legs. My favourite exercise is burpees, and I did a great core exercise the other day where I had my arms on a bosu ball and my feet on the seat of a rowing machine, bringing my knees towards my chest. I only train myself two days a week as I’m so busy with clients, but I’m not too fussed as I’m getting in loads of training elsewhere.

Every week I travel to Geneva in Switzerland to train a client on a Monday and Tuesday. It’s great to travel but I feel like I spend a lot of time in airports – I know all the shortcuts, even the right place to stand to get off the bus first at Geneva airport!

I started @BodiesbyChloe on Instagram earlier this year and have built up a decent following already. I post photos of meals and encourage healthy eating. I try to motivate people and show them that healthy eating isn’t difficult, doesn’t take ages and doesn’t have to be tasteless.

My go-to meal is mashed avocado on rye bread with poached eggs, lemon juice and chilli flakes – although it sounds cliché as that’s become a very fashionable meal lately. My advice for healthy eating would be don’t be too strict or hard on yourself if you do indulge. In terms of fitness, don’t underestimate the effect 10 or 15 minutes of exercise each day has on your body.

I’m loving being part of Digme. I heard about it through a friend of Gareth’s girlfriend, Linzey, so it was purely by chance that I started working there. It’s exciting to be involved in something that’s building up from scratch and the studio is the best around. I’m excited to be involved in the HIIT programmes in the future.


My favourite spin track is House Work by Jax Jones.