Do you take enough time to look after your mind?⁠

This week marks Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, and we have bought you a 7 part Mindful Morning Flow series with one of our fabulous Yoga instructors, Tash. Released every day at 7am on Digme at Home, each class is 20 minutes long and designed to help you find some calm. Whether you want to use them to start your day mindfully, as a way to step away from your screen at lunchtime, or wind down in the evening, these 20 flows are the perfect way to add some calm to your day and suitable for all levels.

The series is loosely based around the days of the week and flows through different themes. Starting with Flows 1 and 2, you'll start the series loosely and calmly, before harnessing energy and creating head in the body as you approach the middle of the week with Flows 3. Flows 4 and 5 will allow you to focus and make progressions from earlier in the week, you'll enjoy a fun and energetic flow in video 6, and you'll finish the 7 part series with a calming flow. 

We caught up with Tash, who said "One of my favourite things about this series is that you can repeat it week after week! There are so many different variations and progressions within each video, that you can join me anytime, anywhere that suits you. Either flow through the full 7 videos with me, or pick and choose which days you'd like to revisit. Can't wait to meet you on the mat!"

Haven't given them a go yet? Take some time for you and your mind today - Mindful Morning Flow Series

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