Congratulations to all the riders who took part in our three stage #performletour series held during our 75min Perform Plus classes throughout July, running alongside the world famous Tour de France cycle event.

Over 100 riders attempted each of the three challenges, cycling the furthest distance to be proud owner of the coveted Yellow socks, racking up Spivi points for the Green Jersey & driving the largest power per kilo to become King & Queen of the Mountains.

  • Stage 1 saw us tackling a 45 min Time Trial.
  • Stage 2 we went up into the mountains for a big 50min Watts per kilo climb.
  • Stage 3 allowed our sprinters & climbers to battle it out shaking up three 6, 12, & 24 min hills with fast and furious 30 sec sprints.

Perform Le Tour was powered with HUGE thanks by:

  • LeCol - Premium cycle apparel
  • RawVelo - Organic, vegan, sports, nutrition
  • Live Innermost - Protein powders & Nutritional supplements


And not forgetting…. YOU. Thank you to all our riders for your fun, energy and enthusiasm to push yourself to new highs.

Congratulations to Juliet Wesley & Tom Pope who showed consistently impressive riding throughout, winning a Le Col Jersey each.

Keep your cycle legs fresh for our next Perform event coming soon.

Perform le tour winners jerseys

"Le Tour de Digme was a tour de force from Laura & Paul. They really put us through our paces. What an amazing series of challenges to get us fighting fit for the Prudential Ride. Can't wait to do it again next year" - Juliet Wesley

Laura’s Perform sessions are always great training, but the Digme Tour stages took it to another level and you could definitely tell everyone was giving it that little bit extra effort and a lot more sweat! It’s amazing what you can do to yourself when there are a pair of yellow socks up for grabs. I will wear mine with pride, bring on The Vuelta!" Mel Wasley

“I am training for the Ride Across Britain in September. I set a goal 3 months ago of 2.6w/kg in a 20 min FTP test. I just did 2.6w/kg in 50 mins. That’s close enough as far as I’m concerned, beyond what I wanted, super fun, bit wobbly like a baby giraffe. Laura’s tunes lifted me up to find the power in the last 10 mins - that’s the secret sauce of this class!” Luke T

"The tour was awesome! The way the classes were structured from start to finish really made the 75minutes fly by. Constant encouragement from you and the music made the different challenges that little bit easier!" Sean Kearns

"I really enjoyed the tempo and vibe that you, and the class bring. As a beginner, it was great for me because although the classes were challenging for me, I felt motivated by you to keep pushing myself. It was very rewarding!" Tommy King

Laura May