Pregnancy Yoga is coming to Digme at Home! Led by instructors Gandha and Grace, our Pregnancy Yoga classes are the perfect time for mums-to-be to find and create a community with those sharing the same experience. Combining strengthening and stretching poses with breathing and relaxation techniques, our asana practise will bring balance to mind and body.


Practising pregnancy yoga can not only help you to adapt to the physical changes your body is going through, but it can also help you to strengthen the connection between your body and your mind and allow you to build confidence, using movement, breath, relaxation and positive affirmations. There is continuous research proving how pregnancy yoga can be beneficial, here's the top 4 benefits:


Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

- Improves sleep

- Reduces stress and anxiety

- Alleviates common pregnancy ailments

- Increased strength and flexibility of muscles needed for childbirth


With years of expertise and experience in prenatal yoga, both Grace and Gandha cannot wait to welcome you and your bump onto the mat, and guide you through your practice. 

"Join us on the mat to both boost your energy and switch off from the external world to find a sound connection with yourself and your baby. You'll have the opportunity to switch up the intensity of your practice, so there's a flow to suit everyone, and we'll always enjoy a restful and restorative session at the end." - Grace


If you or someone you know is expecting, we'd love to see you in class! Book your spot now. Plus, if you are new to Digme, get your first 30 days on us with our free trial.


If you have anymore questions about Pregnancy Yoga at Digme you can leave us a note below or follow Grace and Gandha on Instagram:




Note: It is best to wait until the end of the first trimester before starting yoga. The second trimester is a great time to start practicing. With a healthy pregnancy, you can join our yoga classes until the end of the third trimester. If any health concerns are present or you are unsure whether yoga would be suitable for you, please consult a doctor first.

Sarah Grogan