Digme Beach is a small white sand beach in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawai’i. The beach itself is unremarkable by Hawai’ian standards, but what marks it out is it is the start line for the annual Ironman World Championship.

As an Ironman competitor, putting your feet in the warm sands at Digme Beach is of significant symbolic value. It means you’ve made it. You’ve bust your gut to get a qualification spot for the World Championship; you’ve made it through the thousands of hours of training for the race; you’ve made the epic journey to the most remote group of islands in the world; you’ve made it to the start line of the Big Dance.

To toe the sands of Digme Beach is a remarkable privilege. It is always an emotional moment strapping your goggles on, diving into the crystal clear waters off the pier and swimming out into the bay to be joined by turtles and dolphins. Very few get to experience it and it’s something that sticks with competitors forever.

The name ‘Digme’ was chosen because we wanted to capture this sense of achievement. Digme, to us, means setting your sights high. Digme means working hard to achieve your goals. Digme means feeling in the best shape of your life and enjoying the just desserts of all of that labour and sacrifice.

Digme means it was all worth it.

Caoimhe Bamber
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