Despite the days getting longer, Monday 17th January is third Monday of the new year which means that Blue Monday.
But here at Digme, we aren't feeling gloomy or dispirited and we're determined to share all the positive vibes with you. It's well known that exercise can help with sleep, energy levels, self-esteem and cognitive function - all of which boosts your mood! 
And that's why we want to get you sparkling (sweating) with us!
We are showing Blue Monday who's boss by adding a FREE studio and online credit to your account, so you have no excuse to join us in studio or at home any time this week! We've also added a FREE BUDDY credit so you can bring your bestie along for the ride. 
PLUS...If you join us for a class on Blue Monday itself, you'll both get a FREE SHAKE on us!
So what are you waiting for? Grab your friend, book your class and we'll see you there!