With our new dumbbells hitting the studios, we had a chat with Head of HIIT, Ben to find out about the benefits of dumbbell training and sharing his expertise... 

The dumbbell is a very versatile piece of kit which features in our Digme at Home HIIT classes, and now also into our studios! We are super excited to be enhancing our HIIT and Strength classes even more, so let me walk you through the many benefits of using dumbbells to help build up your strength!

1. Balance

When you compare a dumbbell to a fixed piece of resistance kit, dumbbells can highlight muscular strength imbalances. Over time, training with a dumbbell can work to counter any imbalances in strength. 

2. Strength gains

Using dumbbells will help you to become bulletproof and potentially prevent injuries, building a strong and robust body. Benefits of strength training include improved coordination and posture. Find out more about this in our Strength at Digme blog.

3. Unilateral training

This is strategically working one side of the body. One huge benefit of using dumbbells is the fact that dumbbells allow for unilateral training. When we train unilaterally, our body has to work harder to maintain excellent form, helping to strengthen our core infrastructure. A strong core is the foundation of all movement.                                  

4. Stability

Training with dumbbells will require more muscular control and will help to improve your mind muscle connection. Remember the last time an instructor asked you to engage your core’ during a Digme workout? This is mind to muscle connection. 

5. They can be used anywhere

Dumbbells are super accessible. You also don't need a large volume, if working from home. Is the weight you're using comfortable? Then try tempo work! This means you're focusing on completing the exercise within time parameters. For example 3 seconds on the way down, 1 second hold and 1 second push back up. This helps to keep the muscles under constant resistance. Also known as time under tension. So grab a set of dumbbells and give our Strength classes a go through Digme at Home.

6. Ideal for metabolic training

Metabolic training means that you sustain a high intensity for a prolonged period of time. Think big, comping movements like squats and lunges. Dumbbells are a good addition to metabolic training sessions as the resistance helps to increase the intensity without necessarily increasing the impact. Our infamous Digs in our HIIT classes are the perfect example of metabolic training. 


Never used a dumbbell before? Don't sweat it! Just start with a light pair, slow the movement down and be in control of the weight. Any questions? Just ask our lovely instructors who will be on hand to expertly coach you throughout classes!


Ben Davie
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