At the end of May, we brought a brand new concept to our virtual platform: Strength. This resistance-based workout has been a great addition to our timetable and is proving popular with HIIT and Cycle lovers alike. We caught up with Strength instructor Kate to explain a little more about the concept and workout structure.


With the online success of our bodyweight Matrix workouts, it’s been amazing to find a place for a totally different style of class. The benefits of resistance training are manifold, but perhaps the most important is to build muscular and skeletal strength and stability to enable you to perform everyday movements with ease. This lays the solid foundations upon which you can add intensity. “You can’t shoot a cannon from a canoe” is one of my favourite sayings as far as strength is concerned. Lifting weights allows you to bulletproof your body, iron out any imbalances and minimise your risk of injury.


So what do the online Strength workouts look like? I programme the session in 4-week blocks to achieve progressive overload and to allow for an element of variety. The class begins with a mobility and activation piece followed by two supersets (a pair of exercises performed back to back); one push/pull for upper body and one hinge/squat for lower body. We finish with a short Metcon (metabolic conditioning workout) of anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes. The class is very technique-focused, so it doesn’t matter if you are new to this kind of training. Complex movements are broken down into smaller phases and we practice each step at a time.


All that you need to participate in class is either one dumbbell or kettlebell, though a pair is preferable. I give options for single weight as well as double, and kettlebell as well as dumbbell. You can find my Strength classes on Monday at 7:30am or Thursday at 6:30pm (View the timetable here). These sessions follow a different programme, allowing you participate in both should you wish.


I look forward to seeing you in class soon!


Ben Davie
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