Over the last few weeks, we've been catching up with some of our fabulous instructors to find out about their 2020 goals. First up, we spoke to Ben Davie, Digme's Head of Matrix and Digme Run Club Leader, who is brilliant at motivating and encouraging members to dig deep! 

What does goal setting mean to you?

Goal setting for me means accountability. It means I set myself up to succeed through using the SMART tool (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-framed). Whenever I set a goal, I instantly get a positive feeling.

Have you set any fitness or wellness goals for 2020?

Yes, I have lots of goals set for 2020. These include reading a book a month, trying a Digme class monthly that I have never partaken in before. I also set myself a longer term goal of a Marathon PB which I’ll be working towards over several months.

How do you help Digme members achieve their goals?

Always encourage members with any specific goals. If I can, I may connect the member up with someone who may have similar goals or experiences in the specific area. I think the feeling of accountability and community always helps when striving for goals. A goal shared is a goal halved right?!

I've recently been working on our Run Stronger programme with Gareth and Emily, which will help members become a stronger and more efficient runner. I'm excited to see how those taking part can improve over the 8 week programme, and hopefully help them achieve their running goals!

Who's inspired you the most in the last 6 months?

I like to try and find inspiration every day from something. For example, one of my neighbours has recently turned 90 - he still drives and he was talking to me the other day about exercises he does to maintain his posture. For me, this is an example of someone who has recently inspired me!

What’s your top tip for staying motivated?

Always remember the feeling after a good sweat. Always know that when you’re in a Digme class, you are only 45 minutes away from that feeling once again. It’s amazing what exercise can do for your wellbeing.

If you want to join Ben for a workout, check out when he is teaching and book in!