We have always paved the way when it comes to innovating our Perform classes and this year is no exception with an exciting refresh for 2023, which is more akin with the overall direction of performance led training and keeping riders engaged and motivated. This alongside an incredibly exciting number of events planned across our studio that includes a Track Championships, One-Day Classic specials and also ALL of the Grand Tours challenges.

Introducing Perform Crit, Perform Threshold and Perform Endurance.

Perform Crit is a 45-minute class format that focuses on high-intensity intervals, simulating the feeling of a criterium race. It is designed to improve power, speed, and endurance while riding in a group setting.

Perform Threshold is a 60-minute class format that focuses on building endurance and power. The class includes longer intervals, with a mix of high and moderate intensities, and is designed to help increase your FTP (Functional Threshold Power) and overall cycling performance.

Perform Endurance is a 75-minute class format that emphasises on building endurance and stamina. This class includes longer endurance-based intervals, steady-state riding, and recovery periods. It's designed to improve your endurance, your ability to sustain a high level of effort for an extended period, and help you ride further and faster.

All classes are led by our experienced and certified performance instructors and are designed to challenge, motivate and push you to your limits, with the use of state-of-the-art equipment and real-time performance metrics.

Dan Little
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