Since becoming part of the Digme community last year, Darren has been encouraging members push through their limits and achieve amazing results. We caught up with him about his goals for 2020 and how to inspires change with our members.

What does goal setting mean to you?

For me, goal setting has to be realistic to keep you motivated. In my classes, I always tell members “the biggest challenge is you, not the person next to you” - everyone is at a different journey, not only in fitness but in life. So realistic goals and small steps can set you up for success. Remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day”!

Have you set any fitness or wellness goals for 2020?

Yes I have, and that is to try and eat cleaner. Lots of people assume that I have a healthy diet, given my job, however my diet is the biggest thing I struggle with. I’m sure all parents will tell you, that having a child sometimes encourages you to eat the snacks you buy for them. So this year, I’m trying to cut out the snacks and the Percy Pigs that I always end up grabbing a bag of at petrol stations.

How do you help Digme members achieve their goals?

I always encourage members to challenge themselves. Whatever they achieved in the last class, can they go that step further and beat their score in the next class? You’ll often hear me saying “how does the resistance feel for you? Is it comfortable? Then it’s about feeling that little bit uncomfortable. Add 1 more gear and challenge yourself.”

Who's inspired you the most in the last 6 months?

Many people inspire me, but I find real inspiration from the first timers that come to my classes and watching them become a regular! My son also inspires me. He’s only three, but he’s got bundles of energy. He definitely keeps me and my other half on our toes.

If you haven't already, join one of Darren's RIDE workouts in Fitzrovia, Richmond or Ealing.