Giving back and supporting our community is so important to us.

Last year we were introduced to fellow Richmonders and owners of Monkey Sox, James and Lianne. A love of cycling, running and SOCKS soon united us and before we knew it, we we're designing our very own Digme Monkey Sox!

But they're not just any sports sock, each pair of Monkey Sox is made with activity in mind and the difference to other socks is that the left does not match the right. Monkey Sox are designed to mirror how the body acts and feels different left to right for those living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). A non-profit organisation, 50% of net profits are donated equally between their 3 charity partners.


We could not be prouder to have partnered with James and Lianne to create our Digme Monkey Sox. Available in a high and low cuff design, and available to buy on our online shop.



World MS Day 2020

To raise awareness of World MS Day on Saturday 30th May we're hosting a special Monkey Sox charity Ride and Run. Join in and support by joining one of the below events and making a donation.


If you've got a static bike at home then this one's for you! Join our Head of Fitness Dan for a 45 minute Ride and enjoy the Digme experience from the comfort of your own home. It's a fantastic, challenging workout which will leave you buzzing. 

Book here.



Or join Ben and Monkey Sox co-founder James for our FREE weekly run.

Whether you're outdoors or lucky enough to have your own treadmill, you'll just need some headphones and a mobile phone (& data). All abilities are welcome - it's a social 45-minute run, and definitely not a race! 

Think of it as a podcast with a playlist – the perfect companion to make your run fly by!

Book here.