Join the rhythm team for the ‘Spring into Summer challenge’ with a focus on progressing your double rhythm. We will be concentrating on building double rhythm strength, both in and out of the saddle.
We want to encourage riders to develop the double rhythm speed with a focus on pushing towards taking it up and out. We call this move ‘jumps’ and can do it in counts of 2's/4's or 8's building towards a 15 or 30-second hold of double rhythm out of the saddle, we call this move the 'hype’.

Week 1/5 & 9 during class we will be focusing on this challenge in track 6. We would encourage riders to try hit a minimum of 3 classes a week to really help build and grow your double rhythm.

Team let's hit that double rhythm - looking forward to taking on this summer challenger together. 


Head of Rhythm

Ciaran Connolly