Whether you’re a complete beginner to exercise or a professional athlete, being able to measure your performance and progression is a massive advantage if you want results.

We often get asked at Digme if our classes are suitable for novices, and the answer is always yes. The data might seem intimidating for some, or those new to fitness might think metrics are only used by top level athletes.

However, there’s nothing to be scared of and in fact it’s beginners who will arguably benefit most from concrete feedback telling them yes, they are improving. When you’re starting from scratch, you’re likely to make big jumps in improvement each time as you grow fitter and stronger. Receiving an email ten minutes after a class confirming this is like getting a big reassuring pat on the back; it’s solid evidence that you’re getting better and a fantastic tool for motivation.

When I started working at Digme in June, I’d done a handful of spin classes at a gym and although I was pretty fit, there were definitely a few side-effects from seven years of frequent business travel and the associated hotel stays, restaurant food and wine. In the last four months I’ve done a class or two a week and the results have been amazing.

Particularly at the start, being able to see significant increases in performance was so encouraging. The sessions were still tough – they still are, but nothing comes easily, right? – but I had hard evidence that I was getting fitter and fitter with each one.

It made me wonder what on earth I’d been doing before. Without data, it was all just guesswork; I wasn’t anywhere near reaching what I could do.

The improvements eventually started to get smaller and there was a bit of a plateau last month, but it’s still great being able to measure effort levels and performance every time. I know what I’m capable of and always try to go that bit further and better. It’s taken all the estimation out of it and provides me with clear and achievable goals. 

Most indoor cycling classes have plenty of energy and lots of sweat, but with no way of measuring effort or gains or goals. I could never go back to one of those classes now.

People have become hooked on getting numerical feedback from their exercise regimes, hence the massive surge in sales of Apple watches, Fitbits and the use of apps such as Strava, but at Digme Fitness you don’t need any gadgets. Our system shows you real, measurable information, which in turn brings about real results, whatever you goal is. 

So don’t be scared, embrace it! I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.