We all go through spells when we feel less motivated and getting going for a workout is hard work. It can be especially tough when there’s temptation like a pub garden in the sunshine as an alternative way to spend your lunch break or evening.

Believe it or not even fitness instructors struggle with motivation sometimes. We’ve gathered some top tips from our team to find out how they get themselves going when they don’t really feel like it.

Dan, Head of Fitness

Watch videos of others working out and achieving things. Maybe it’s your favourite trainer on Instagram or a clip online of a pro working out. These people are striving hard to be their very best, and it’s inspiring and motivating to see.

Zaneta, Oxford

Visualise or look at photos of a time in your life when you felt at your peak – either physically or mentally. Reconnecting with that time can be a reminder of what you’re capable of achieving.

Paola, RIDE Master Trainer

Get an amazing playlist full of really motivating tracks. Save those tunes that you know always make you want to kick some ass for when you need them most, then dig them out and turn them up loud!

Chloe, London

Try a different workout. Variety is the spice of life, as they say. If you’ve been meaning to try a new class or mix up your training, what better time to get started than when you’re not really feeling your usual routine.

Ben, London

Schedule it in your calendar. Studies show that getting a workout booked in and committing to it, you are much more likely to see it through. Hold yourself accountable by planning your week ahead and plotting our where you will set aside time for fitness.