If you have joined us in our Fitzrovia studio, you will have met our fabulous Spanish senorita Celia, whether it's checking you into a class, making you that post-workout smoothie, or putting you through your paces in The Energy Lab! Celia today taught her 300th HIIT class and we couldn't be more proud of her, so we caught up with her on her story...

"It's been a long journey since I started working at Digme Fitzrovia - a member of the front of house team turned HIIT Instructor - and I've absolutely loved it!

Three years ago, I joined the Front of House team at the newly opened Digme Fitzrovia, which was a massive change for me. Getting used to a new job, new colleagues, a brand new studio was very exciting, and I loved getting stuck in and meeting all the new members that walked through the door! It was definitely pretty challenging to try to offer the best customer service whilst setting up and getting used to a new studio all at the same time... I remember some incredibly busy weeks where we welcomed hundreds of new customers! 

I love HIIT classes and would always try to jump into a class before or after my shift... I think it was a matter of time until I thought about becoming a HIIT instructor myself! Just two months later, a friend of mine and fellow instructor, Sonia, pushed me to apply for a HIIT instructor position, so... I did it!

Considering Spanish is my first language, I must admit that I was pretty scared at the thought of teaching in English to a room full of people! Throughout the HIIT Academy, I got more and more confident, and I was ecstatic when I passed the Academy and was ready to take my first class! Having the support and belief of Dan, the Digital Fitness Director (Head of Fitness at the time), and Ben, Head of HIIT and Running), gave me such a confidence boost - so thank you for helping me on my way to being an instructor! I had fears, I had excitement, but above of all, I had the best colleagues offering their support and encouragement. 

Three years and 300 classes later... I have met so many new clients and made so many new friends. I am forever humbled to be a part of their stories, emotions and growth, and I feel proud to be a part of their journey!"


Congratulations Celia, and bring on the next 300!! If you haven't already been to Celia's class - BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW