One of our superstar instructors, Chloe, has been talking to us through how she likes to set goals. Chloe brings the ultimate party on a bike in her Ride classes, and motivates members to hit that extra gear every time with her energy and tunes! 

What does goal setting mean to you?

I like to work towards small goals. They give you a great sense of achievement when you achieve them - I love being able to tick them off and see the positive changes I wanted to make.

Have you set any fitness or wellness goals for 2020?

I don’t usually set myself a lot of fitness goals, for me exercise is all about enjoyment so I don’t feel like I need them to keep myself motivated. However, I do feel that since I have increased the number of classes I teach, I don’t always find the time to fit in my own training. This year, I’m aiming to get myself outside my comfort zone at least once a week. I’ve been going to Perform Plus classes for the last two weeks, which I have really enjoyed and I’ve now set myself a goal to increase my FTP. If you haven’t been to a Perform class before, I’d highly recommend them, so hopefully see you there!

How do you help Digme members achieve their goals?

I try and keep my classes fun and interesting, which hopefully means that members enjoy them and will join my classes each week. I’m also always there to help if members ask for tips and tricks about how to achieve their goals.

What’s your top tip for staying motivated?

Small steps go a long way. If exercise isn’t really your thing make sure you start with classes that you enjoy, and meet up with a friend to keep each other motivated. Once you get into a routine, that’s when you can push yourself outside your comfort zone a little more. If you want to achieve a big goal, make sure you set mini goals along the way, so that each one is achievable and you keep motivated.

Chloe teaches Ride and Matrix across all our studios, so take a look at when she's teaching and book your spot!