Whether you're one of the lucky Diggers to get your hands on one of our Keiser M3i bikes, or you're using your own stationary bike, we wanted to share a couple of tips and tricks to keep your bike looking and feeling as good as it does in the studio!

Although relatively low-maintenance, as with any equipment, a little spit and polish will go a long way in keeping squeaky pedals quiet and pedal strokes smooth on your Digme bike.

We advise deep cleaning your bike once a week, perhaps every other week (depending on how much you are riding with us) and the whole cleaning process is takes about 10-15 minutes. All you’ll need in a bucket of warm soapy water, a cloth, a drying towel and some Silicone spray.

Start with your warm soapy water and give your entire bike a good clean with your cloth. Just be mindful of how wet one’s cloth is when wiping down the console. Make sure you remember to loosen all the knobs to wipe them free of grease and grime.

Once your bike is clean, thoroughly dry it using the drying cloth.

Now that your bike is clean and dry, reach for your Silicone spray. This spray acts as a lubricant and makes surfaces slippery, helping sweat drip off them quickly and reducing any sweat damage such as rust (because we all know our classes are sweaty business!).

The Silicone spray can be applied to just about all parts of the bike, but the key areas to focus on are:

- the base of all loosened knobs;

- the pedals where they connect to the crankshaft;

- the neck of the handlebars down to where water bottles are placed (including the T-bar that allows for forward and back handlebar adjustment).  

And that’s it, super simple!

Just one last tip - make sure you resist the urge to jump straight back on the bike as soon as it’s sparkling clean. The saddle can be very slippery, and there’s nothing worse than a slippery saddle!

Keep Digging and we can’t wait to see you for a live class soon!

If you have any other questions about the at-home care of your Digme Keiser M3i, feel free to get in touch.

Leone x

Leone Hunt