Jack - What’s been your journey with your mental health?
My journey with mental health has been up and down since the pandemic. I used to think I was fine but it all got a bit too much for me and I needed to seek therapy to help me through it. 
One thing that did get me through the pandemic was training for 3 Ironman competitions. It gave me focus and motivation to get up each day and feel like I had some purpose. 
What tools do you use to keep your mental wellness in shape? 
Exercise is a huge help for me. I never regret a workout, so even if I am feeling low or sad or tired I will just get myself to a class to get that sweat on. 
Music is my other love. It’s so powerful and can keep you in such a good place when you need it most. 
Do you find your classes/ fitness in general helpful to stay healthy? And if so how?
I have always been into fitness but since teaching I have a new found love for it.  Fitness is the key to happiness in my opinion. 
The knock on effects are endlessly positive and it’s the most fun you can have without a glass of wine or your clothes off.. 
What’s your favourite quote/ song/ piece of art that has helped you?
Commitment + Consistency = Change. 
Simple, effective and will move mountains. 
What would be a piece of advice to someone struggling with their mental health?
Talk to someone and be honest about how you feel. The moment that you admit you have some challenges you will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. 
As my mum always said, a problem shared is a problem halved. 
What would you suggest be the first step for someone looking to improve their mental health?
Do an energy audit.  Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle.  On one side put a big PLUS (+) and the other a MINUS (-). 
Then go through everything you do in life from your morning commute to what you eat and who you spend your time with and put them in either the + or - category. 
This will tell you what is giving you energy… fitness, friends, your pets… verses what isn’t such as toxic people, the news or take away food.