Mollie - What's been your journey with mental health?

I suffered very badly with anxiety for about 3 years. For about a month I hit quite a low point and found it difficult to leave my house. But I was adamant that I was going to find a way out of it. I started with therapy and slowly started gathering the tools that I now use everyday. One massive thing that helped me was my mindset around my anxiety. I would constantly say I was an anxious person and that I had anxiety without realising that affirming this daily was creating more anxiety. My body was reacting to what my brain was saying. I met a brilliant life coach who asked me to try the opposite. To affirm that I was a confident person, don’t say that I have anxiety or I’m anxious. This was a game changer for me. Your thoughts are so powerful, think what you want into existence. I can now say that I’m a confident person, I feel anxious from time to time but I know how to deal with it and it goes very quickly.

What tools do you use to keep your mental wellness in shape?

I have a variety of tools that help me daily with my mental health. I meditate for 10-20 minutes, this helps me to see how I’m feeling each day, listen to my thoughts and get my mindset in the best place for the day. I also love to journal, getting everything out on paper is super powerful. Breathwork is another thing that is so amazing! Regulating your breathing, becoming more aware of your breath makes you way more present in the moment, which in turn calms your nervous system, starting the day feeling chilled and relaxed.

Do you find your classes/fitness in general helpful to stay healthy? And if so how?

Absolutely! Fitness in general has helped me for years with my mental health. It keeps my mind and my body healthy. I now only workout for how it makes me feel rather and aesthetics. I feel like I could take on the world every time I workout. I try and move my body in someway everyday, whether this be yoga, a walk, the gym, classes, I just listen to what my body needs/can do each day. My classes have been such an amazing addition to my mental health journey and it’s a dream to be able to help others feel better.

What’s your favourite quote/song/piece of art that has helped you?

Wildfire - Forest Black. A very personal story behind this one but it helped me a lot. Beautiful song.

What would be a piece of advice to someone struggling with their mental health?

Be kind to yourself. Aways. It’s a process, a journey and everyones is different. You’ll have good days and bad days but always speak to yourself with love. You’re trying your best.

What would you suggest be the first step for someone looking to improve your mental health?

The first thing I did was get a therapist. It’s so helpful to talk about how you feel. Speaking it out loud not only allows you to get it out of your head but you really start to understand yourself and your mental health more.